Old town

About Old town

One of the few neighborhoods that has its original streets and allies which predate the
Great Chicago Fire, Old Town is infamous for the historic charm it exudes. Most
famously, Old Town is home to The Second City, the comedy club and birthplace of
modern improv. The Second City is where many famous comedians got their start such
as Bill Murray, Tina Fey, and Steve Carell. You can see the city’s newest talent at a live
show nightly!

Old Town was once the center of Folk music as the genre experienced a revival in the
1960s and 1970s. In response to this new wave of interest, the Old Town School of Folk
Music opened its doors to the community. From novices to experts, the school now
provides the community with a plethora of music, dance, and visual arts events and

The heart of Old Town is Wells street, where you will find long-standing restaurants,
unique shops, and a number of comedy clubs. One of the most popular attractions for
the neighborhood is the summer time Old Town Art Fair. The fair attracts over 30,000
artists and art lovers every summer! Visitors can explore exhibits, listen to live music, or
take a stroll through the Garden Walk featuring local residents’ landscaping skills.